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Technical Support Service is the part of the company "Apteka-95 Pharmaceutical Firm, Ltd.".

   The main task of the Support Service is the implementation of technical support projects in all phases of business processes - from the analysis of customers technical task to a guarantee and after- guarantee service of equipment.

Service officers carry out consultations on the technical aspects of deliveries, an assistance in the equipment selection, an analysis and synthesis of information about the principles of an operation, comparative performances of equipment with competing models, the identification of competitive advantages, making maintenance plans.


Service officers are constantly trained to provide a certified support service, providing with a warranty and post warranty service of supplied equipment, an ensuring of execution installation work and a validation of qualifications IQ, OQ, PQ, and the training of technical staff of a client to work with a new equipment.

   Constant study and discussion of regulations, standards, pharmacopoeial requirements, recommendations GMP, GAMP, etc. GLP allows the technical support staff to ensure a high quality of technical support for sales process and equipment maintenance.

Technical Staff cooperates with the managers of analytical-laboratory and industrial equipment divisions on the technical aspects to improve the professionalism and the efficiency of business processes in general.

We try to answer all questions related to an operation and maintenance, from the principles of an operation to measurement techniques and an analysis of results.