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Apteka-95 Pharmaceutical Firm - a wholesale company specializing in sales of medications to state-owned and commercial enterprises. We provide complex and quality service to pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations all over the country.

Pharmaceutical Processing Equipment Division is responsible for supply of processing and packaging equipment for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.
We supply as new equipment as previously used machines in order to satisfy individual needs of each client.
Upon request our service engineers are available to complete given task of any difficulty including but not limited to complete equipment renewal, equipment upgrade, service and maintenance, etc.

Research & Production Laboratory Granum one of the few Ukrainian research & production laboratories specializing in developing, registering and manufacturing of test kits and chemical agents. Test kits are designed to diagnose inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, hormonal level, immunoscreening, etc. As well Granum proposes various equipment like laboratory and scientific microscopes, micropipettes, vacuum systems, scarificators, etc.
The main goal of Granum is to provide Ukrainian healthcare service with high quality diagnostic systems and equipment based on the latest developments in medicine and biotechnology.

Yaroslavna Factory, Ltd is the company with rich history and unique experience. The factory produces different types of bedcloses, medical closes, towels, pillows, covers, mattresses, ect. for medical facilities, hotels, healthcare organizations and sanatoriums; clothes for food industry workers and service workers, clothes for medical personnel and soft baby napkins.
Soft baby napkins Malyshok new product of our factory were specially tailored to care about soft and tender baby skin.
Yaroslavna Factory proudly presents ancient traditional values of Batik technique unique technique of hand-painting on natural fabrics. Nowadays Batik is quite rare and only real artists are capable of creating a masterpiece.

Hospitals and recreational centers were amongst our first clients. Medtehnika department supplying hospitals with full range of modern, high quality medical equipment for functional diagnosis, surgery and reanimation, obstetrics and gynecology, endoscopy and radiology, neonatology, pulmonology, dentistry, ect. Medtehnika covers the whole range of services (installation, servicing, maintenance, upgrade, repairs, etc.) and has its own manufacture.

The one of the largest departments Apteka-450 a chain of drugstores presenting the major Ukrainian pharmaceutical manufacturers. By opening drugstores we achieved one of the main objectives promotion of local-made medications and support of national manufacturers on the domestic market.
The "Ametrin" company represents an exclusive trade mark for children called !.
      It is a new trade mark providing the wide range of childs goods. Damp napkins were the first product of this trade mark. They provide prophylactic measures for various infectious diseases. They will also help parents solve the question of vital importance and take care of their children with pleasure.

"ALVEKS Ltd." - a company which over 10 years has been successful in the Ukrainian market in the field of diagnostic test systems, chemical reagents, disposables, consumables and hospital use, laboratory equipment.

API Division offers wholesale supplies of active pharmaceutical ingredients and auxiliary material for pharmaceutical, veterinary and cosmetic industries.