About Us

Our Group of company Apteka-95 provides service for distribution and after-sales service of analytical, laboratory equipment and consumables.  

Our activities directed to pharmaceutical industry market, scientific laboratories, hospitals etc. We collaborate with many Ukrainian pharmaceutical manufacturers, research institutes, colleges and universities, laboratories of quality control, hospitals and cosmetic companies.

Company activities cover whole territory of Ukraine but we work on territory of Moldova and Russia as well.

We can develop and carry out project for promotion of your brand in our country.

Our company provides high level of service and personal approach to every partner and is ready for new business relationship.

Apteka-95 guarantees quality, reliability and mutually beneficial relations.

We will be glad to start cooperation with you for selling of your products on Ukrainian market.

We collaborate with leading companies that manufactur analytical and laboratory equipment.

Our firm is official dealer of the next companies:

Advantage Lab


Advantage Lab, Belgium - incubators, autoclaves, water baths.



Bioquell, Great Brirain rooms and equipment decontamination systems by using peroxide steam technology.


Denver Instrument


Denver Instrument, Germany scales, pH-meters, conductivity meters.

ELGA Labwater


ELGA Labwater, Great Britain water purification systems from preliminary purified to ultrapure.



Kruess, Germany polarimeters, refractometers, density meters, melting point meters.

OI Analytical


OI Analytical, USA total organic carbon analyzers.

PG Instruments


PG Instruments, Great Britain spectrophotometers, atomic-absorption spectrophotometers, HPLC systems.



RION, Japan particles counters.



Tecniplast, Italy vivaria equipment.


 Atago (Japan) - refractometers, polarimeters


 Buck Scientific, Inc. (USA) atomic absorption spectrophotometer, infrared spectrophotometer, UV / Visible spectrophotometers, gas chromatography systems, analyzers elements


Copley Scientific Great Brirain -Pharmaceutical Testing


Secomam France spectrophotometers



SciAps, division of Intevac Photonics, Raman spectrometers and microscopes.

  Aber Instruments 
    Sampling Systems